FRC grew out of an effort in 2010 to help educators find jobs. Robert Brancatelli and David Gautschi, dean of Fordham University's Graduate School of Business, created a course that helped educators develop technical skills. The course attracted executives from companies like General Electric and AT&T who wanted to develop the vocational aspect of their careers. 

Today, FRC works in a variety of industries like retail, life insurance, financial services, and higher education to align mission with profitability. We focus on virtue and its effect on business performance.

Your executive Team

Michael Avari

Michael has 30 years experience with startups and global companies like IBM. A mechanical engineer based in Dallas, his MBA is from Columbia University.

Kristen Treglia

Kristen is an education technologist at Fordham University with experience in social media, digital pedagogy, and the "Internet of Things."


Robert Brancatelli

Robert publishes on ethics and spirituality. He teaches ethics and investor relations at Fordham University. His Ph.D. is from The Catholic University of America.

Dennis Kushner

Dennis works in operations, finance, accounting, business development, and M&A. Based in San Diego, his extensive background is with Deloitte.


01. Resources

We provide resources to teach ethics to business students, employees, and corporate executives. 

02. Profitability

You can solve any ethical dilemma through virtue. Virtue boosts performance and provides your company with a competitive edge. 


03. Events

Whether a Webinar, live conference, or streamed event, we will develop and implement it for you. Globally, in several languages. 

04. Leadership
​Learn to balance humility and courage to lead your team in ways that are profitable and responsible.

Fordham Road Collaborative