This FRC/Illumeo course will help you understand the radical changes that are  affecting the economy of the twenty first century and how you can respond in ways that enhance business performance.

You will assess the current state of economic affairs, evaluate where you are today as an enterprise, and anticipate changes. You will then draft an action plan for where you want to be in three years.

Look for this course in February 2019.

Here's What's New in the New Economy and What You Can Do About It

There is hardly an industry today that is not affected by regulatory compliance. Yet, for many companies this means little more than checking off a list of online training or workshops.
This course is designed to move you and your team beyond compliance to create a culture of virtue. Virtue refers to the ability to act with conviction, self-awareness, and personal integrity.
This course will have an impact on nearly everything that you do, from strategy and sales to negotiation and finance. It includes practical exercises for leaders and groups.

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